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Dedicated Bulk Mail SMTP Server for Rent
Every bulk mail software requires an SMTP Server to send emails. Sending emails through builtin server is not recommended since there are chances that your isp may black list your ip. In order to meet the bulk mail requirements of our customers we have set up  dedicated bulk mail servers at Texas,Atlanta and Charlotte. While most of the SMTP providers restrict the number of mails that can be sent in a day, for example Gmail SMTP has limited the number of mails that can be sent in a day to 500, our SMTP is unlimited. Using our SMTP you can send unlimited emails @ 5000 emails/hour. We will be registering you a domain of your choice (free) in order to use our SMTP so that you can send mails in your desired name for example [email protected]. You can use our bulk email server with any bulk email sender software Click Here for More Details

Vodamail Pro 9.60 - Email Sender Software
VodaMail Pro 9.60 is a stand alone email sender software which can send UNLIMITED personalized emails at a single click. Using this guaranteed INBOX sender you can market your products online, send UNLIMITED emails or newsletters to your clients or send a message to a group of friends. Maximum speed is 20,000 emails per hour while using block sending. Software supports plain text or HTML format and has a built-in WYSIWYG composer to compose HTML emails, embed images and hyperlinks in email content. Software has a  high speed Built-In SMTP Server which sends emails directly and also has an option for routing through multiple third party SMTPs like Gmail , Yahoo etc. Automated unsubscription mechanism and Free tracking facility to find out details of recipients who have read the email is included at no extra cost. Download                                        Buy

Realva Email Verifier - Removes dead emails from the list.
Checks email addresses for validity and removes invalid or dead email addresses using three levels of verification (Syntax, Domain and Server level checks). Comes with high speed multithreaded engine. Unlike other verifiers
Realva Email Verifier connects via HTTP web server using a different port rather than port 25. So it even works on machines whose isp blocks port 25 to prevent spam.
 In most of the bulk email list purchased from the market, 60% of addresses are fake. so if you send emails to the list without using this tool, the bounce back rate will be high and as a result, your isp may blacklist your ip and consequently, your SMTP server will be blocked and your mails will be delivered to spam or never deliver at all. So whenever you conduct a bulk email campaign, always use this tool first to remove the dead email addresses before sending.
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Realva Email Extractor - Extracts emails from web
Extracts email ids from web based upon 1. A keyword (eg: travel agents usa) 2. A single/list of urls in a text file. Speed: maximum 1200 urls per hour. Download . BUY

Vodamail Marketing Pack - Complete Email Marketing Solution
Includes two softwares. Vodamail Pro 9.60 + Realva Email Extractor.
If you have a product or service to market, just type in the keyword related to your target customers + Geographical location, extract the fresh emails live from web using email extractor and send bulk emails using vodamail pro at 20000 emails / hour. BUY

Realva Webmail
we are not currently accepting new clients for webmail. Existing clients can login here

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I run a stock broking firm franchisee and am having around 600 clients. I was in search of a software that can send HTML emails to my clients.I need to send emails regularly to my clients. Finally I was lucky enough to find Vodamail Pro with which I was able to compose HTML emails and send to my clients daily. I was very happy to see that all of them was delivered regularly to INBOX and not the junk mail folder.

        Toms Geevarghese. KL

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Yahoo Messenger: cutemailpro2009

MSN: [email protected]
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  If you want to sell the software in your own company name, contact us.

You can sell or market the product and keep all profits by yourself. Contact [email protected] for price or call our development center at
Ph: +91-4872323623.
      Alex Varghese

I don't have SMTP?
We are providing SMTP for a price of $280/month(unlimited emails/month capacity). please click here to see details..    

Will any of the messages go to the junk mail folder?
Inbox delivery is solely dependent upon the smtp server you use. if you purchase our smtp server, we guarantee inbox delivery at the time of giving the server. After using it for 10-15 days its ip might be blocked due to spam complaints from recipients and may start going to spam folder. At that time we give you another fresh ip and domain name at an extra cost of $20 and the server will again start delivering to inbox.